Little Rescuers - First Aid for Children

Educating the children of North and South Tyneside with the life saving skills of first aid in a fun and engaging way.

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Meet the trainers

Ruth Law

When on maternity leave, I knew that I wanted to continue to work with children (I’m a teacher by profession) but knew I didn’t want to go back full time. My family are all scientists (doctors/nurses), so the idea of teaching first aid to children really appealed to me, and I wanted to pass some of those skills and knowledge onto the next generation. It is great fun working with the children who are really engaged and retain so much information. I had a parent come and talk to me recently. The parent is a medical professional and wanted to let me know how thrilled she was with what her daughter had leant. She had gone home and loved sharing what she had been doing and loved practising with them. You can’t get better feedback than that!

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