Grumbles the Gorilla Face mask


Tumbles and Grumbles are excited to be helping during the ongoing Pandemic with these fun and funky face masks, ideal for children.

These masks come in size small, so are an ideal fit for kids, but can also be worn by grown ups too.

These close fitted Grumbles the Gorilla face masks are made of 220gsm dekotex cloth and have a 175gsm satin lining, resulting in a very soft touch. Thanks to its elastic fitting, you are sure that your mask will not move position and that it will fit perfectly on your face, reducing risks of contamination. The elastic bands will then be put behind your ears for an optimum comfort and safety.

Remember, kids face masks are not mandatory for under 11 years in England, and not recommended for children under 3 years (under 5 years in Scotland). Many Parents are choosing to buy a face mask for their child though and we have ensured our Little Rescuers masks will outlive COVID-19 for fun and role play for years to come!

These face masks masks are reusable and washable and should be machine washed at 60°C. It is not recommended to use fabric softeners, to dry them mechanically or to iron them. We would also recommend to wash the mask before the first use.



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