Little Rescuers in Newcastle, Northumberland and Durham

Educating the children of Newcastle, Northumberland & Durham with the life saving skills of first aid in a fun and engaging way.

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Caroline Davies

I have been a Paramedic for 16 years and a Mum for just over 5……the last 5 have been life changing. It was a combination of my 14 years working for the ambulance service and entering motherhood that helped open my eyes to the very real need and want for parents and carers to have basic knowledge of paediatric first aid skills. As founder of Tumbles and Grumbles I wanted to pass these skills and knowledge onto Parents, Carers and childcare providers to empower them with these vital skills. My daughter was the inspiration behind Little Rescuers, at just 18 months she had picked up the very basics of CPR through copying me as I practised for my adult courses and it made me realise that you are never too young to learn First Aid. Watching my daughters enthusiasm and interest in learning these skills at such a young age, made me realise that if we can make first aid just a part of life for children, then we could help to eliminate the fear factor surrounding delivery of first aid treatment in an emergency situation. And help to create a future nation of people who are able and willing to help in a medical emergency.

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