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We aim to help create a nation of people willing and able to help in an emergency, and we are starting with the people of Newcastle, Northumberland & Durham by educating, children, parents, carers and those working with children, with the life saving skills of First Aid.

Parent and Carer First Aid

The Rescuers for Life Baby and Child First Aid Awareness course is delivered by healthcare professionals, providing parents in Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham the knowledge, confidence and understanding in how to help their child or grandchild in an emergency first aid situation. Delivered in venues across the local area or in the comfort of your own home.

Accredited Paediatric First Aid Courses

Do you work with children? Do you hold an up to date Paediatric First Aid qualification? Rescuers for Life delivers accredited First Aid courses in Northumberland, Tyneside, Newcastle and Durham which meet industry requirements. On completion of the courses the delegates will gain an accreditation from Qualsafe, one of the UK’s largest Ofqual recognised awarding centres.

Little Rescuers First Aid for Children

Little Rescuers teaches children aged 3-11 years the life-saving skills of first aid, taught in a fun and engaging way, through games, music and teamwork. Are you a school or nursery based in Northumberland, Newcastle or Durham looking for something different to bring to your students which is educational, fun and meets curriculum requirements? Then Little Rescuers is for you. Courses also run at local venues and community centres for all the family to enjoy.

Why is learning
first aid important?

In Newcastle and around the UK we have around 8.6% chance of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest. When compared to Scandanavian countries, who have a more than 30% chance of survival, we want to be more like Scandinavia and increase the chances of survival! In Norway first aid is taught in pre-school and throughout the education system, with a CPR test being part of the graduation process.

In Sweden first aid competence is then essential to complete a driving test, and in Denmark a first aid test is required for most jobs. These Countries have Nations of Parents and Children willing and able to help in an emergency. This is what we need in the UK. Our courses run in and around the Newcastle area, which are fun, enjoyable and informative and are aimed to empower both adults and children to be able to help their family and friends in a medical emergency.

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Meet the trainers

Caroline Davies

I have been a Paramedic for 14 years and a Mum for just over 5……the last 5 have been life changing. It was a combination of my 14 years working for the ambulance service and entering motherhood that helped open my eyes to the very real need and want for parents and carers to have basic knowledge of paediatric first aid skills. In my role as a Paramedic I have experienced some amazing events, I have delivered 5 babies in the pre-hospital environment, conversely, I have seen some things that aren’t so lovely and unfortunately a proportion of these incidents have involved babies and children. As a parent It is these very real experiences that have provided me with both the knowledge and skills needed to treat my own little one in an emergency situation should one arise. As founder of Tumbles and Grumbles I wanted to pass these skills and knowledge onto Parents, Carers and childcare providers to empower them with these vital skills. My daughter was the inspiration behind Little Rescuers, at just 18 months she had picked up the very basics of CPR and it made me realise that you are never too young to learn First Aid. If we can educate the next generation with the knowledge and skills, you can eliminate the fear factor associated with performing first aid, which will help to create a future nation of people willing and able to help in an emergency scenario.

Ruth Law

When on maternity leave, I knew that I wanted to continue to work with children (I’m a teacher by profession) but knew I didn’t want to go back full time. My family are all scientists (doctors/nurses), so the idea of teaching first aid to children really appealed to me, and I wanted to pass some of those skills and knowledge onto the next generation. It is great fun working with the children who are really engaged and retain so much information. I had a parent come and talk to me recently. The parent is a medical professional and wanted to let me know how thrilled she was with what her daughter had leant. She had gone home and loved sharing what she had been doing and loved practising with them. You can’t get better feedback than that!


Fantastic course. Covered everything I wanted to know in a very friendly and relaxed way. The course tutor had lots of time for everyone on the course and give one on one direction and help with the practice cpr and choking first aid . Fabulous course I couldn’t recommend enough for all parents, grandparents and anyone who cares for a baby or child. THANKYOU so very much for teaching me how to best keep my children safe.

Laura Patricia Theresa Brennan

Caroline is amazing at teaching the children at Kinder castle nursery life saving skills. They have learnt so much and love singing their postcode song. We can’t wait for Caroline to return to teach more of our children first aid. Thank you so much. Let’s spread the word about this amazing company.

Rachel Campbell

We had a six week course at PEGS Pre-School. The children aged between 2 and 4 were thoroughly engaged at every session! I can’t recommend highly enough – we will be running this every year at PEGS, creating more Little Rescuers – giving our Pre-Schoolers a great start in First Aid and Staying Safe!

Nicki Walker

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