First Aid

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Empowering people with the confidence to use First Aid and life saving skills in an emergency situation.

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Baby and child First Aid courses for Parents, Grandparents and Carers

The Tumbles and Grumbles Baby and Child First Aid Awareness course delivered by healthcare professionals, offers parents the chance to gain knowledge and understanding into how to help their child or grandchild in those crucial moments before the emergency services arrive.

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Accredited First Aid for Childcare Professionals

Tumbles and Grumbles delivers accredited Paediatric First Aid courses, ideal for childcare professionals. This 12-hour course is for groups of up to 12 people and on completion the delegates will gain an Ofsted recognised qualification.

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Little Rescuers First Aid Training for Children

Little Rescuers teaches children aged 3-11 years the life saving skills of first aid, taught in a fun and engaging way, through games, music and teamwork. Little Rescuers is delivered for schools and nurseries as well as public courses for families in local venues.

What you say

“Great baby and child first aid course Caroline was fantastic in the way she explained and demonstrated everything. The course has given me confidence that I will know how to deal with accidents and emergencies in future if I need to. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has or works with children.”

Holly McDermot

“If you are looking for a fun, interactive, educational workshop for children in early years settings, then I would highly recommend the Little Rescuers course. Caroline was able to create a package that was right for our children and fit in with our  topic and learning objectives. Caroline’s method of delivery and course content meant that all the children in both Nursery and Reception were highly engaged throughout”

Helen Allison

Christ Church CE Primary School


“This superb short babies and children First Aid course has really set my mind at ease, making me feel more confident and reassured in my ability to help if something awful were to happen. It was informative, practical and very well delivered by Caroline. Overall it has left me feeling that I could do the right thing in the most frightening of situations, and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially for family members looking after babies or young children. Caroline was an exceptional instructor, with a friendly, approachable and down to earth manner.”

Ian Yeats

Little Rescuers featured on BBC's Look North